Women to Look Up To: Honoring the Feminist Saints



The CrowningSong of SongsLydiaEve's Sorrow









From left to right: The Crowning by Sara Schnelle, Song of Songs by April Younglove, Lydia by April Younglove, Eveís Sorrows by Sara Schnelle



Women to Look Up To: Honoring the Feminist Saints is a joint show featuring paintings by Sara Schnelle and April Younglove. Both Sara Schnelle and April Younglove are alumni of Marylhurst University. Women to Look Up To features their new work in acrylic and gold leaf with altars. The paintings draw on the traditions of heroic painting, iconography, and feminist paintings from the 1970s.


The artists chose to identify these Biblical women as feminist saints because feminists can admire them. Each woman is depicted as confronting her experience of being a woman with dignity and determination.


Christian women are often encouraged to emulate women from the Bible. Women to Look Up To seeks to illuminate areas within the lives of Biblical women that are not typically depicted in art or considered important by those who would have women emulate them. This exhibit explores womenís diverse achievements and experiences in both public and private life. These experiences Ė birth, love, work, and death -- are linked to the experiences of contemporary women with altars that display everyday items, mementos, and greeting cards from our time. While all of these women filter their experiences through the experiences of men (it is after all Jesusí birth, Solomonís book, Paulís church and Abelís death), their perspectives are rich with personal achievement and private emotion.




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